Handmade and Customizable Slate Religious Sign - Religious Quote Plaque - Sassy Squirrel Ink
Handmade and Customizable Slate Religious Sign - Religious Quote Plaque - Sassy Squirrel Ink
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Customizable Slate Religious Sign - Religious Quote Plaque - Handmade and Personalized

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Beautiful Religious Quote Plaque-a wonderful keepsake or gift! Feel free to customize with the quote of your choice. 


-- This slate sign is approximately 12" x 8". As this is a hand-crafted item, the dimensions may vary slightly. We use a process called UV printing which results in an incredibly high definition and weather resistant finish.


-- Great on door, mailbox , stone, brick or wood. You can have holes drilled in the slate for mounting. (Template in photos above). Hardware is included for all options. Consult home improvement store for installation on your particular surface.



--Choose your size and click the personalize now button to fill in your details! You can choose fonts, borders, colors, and other variants. (Choices vary with each design) If you wish to customize further please email us directly, we are happy to try and accommodate any request!!

*** PLEASE NOTE*** The visual template you see is only an approximation of your final design. We will take your custom details and adjust sizes and spacing to ensure your plaque looks perfect!


-- The information will be copied and pasted into the design, therefore, provide exactly what you want to see on your plaque. We will not be guessing the spelling, single/ plural forms, commas, apostrophe and other punctuation use.


-- It is VERY IMPORTANT to double check the details that you submit to us. 


-- If you need to make a change or want a custom request please contact us within 24 hours of ordering.

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